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Unsecured Business Funding (UBF): 

At Simplified Capital, we make it easy to acquire Affordable Working Capital, Startup Capital, Expansion Capital Unsecured Business Funding (UBF) for your Business. With introductory rates as low as 0% for up to 18 months and no collateral requirement or dilution of equity to access the most affordable capital in the industry, what could be better? Unsecured Business Funding is one of our premier programs, providing our clients with 0% introductory terms and up to $150,000 or more, per individual.

Unsecured Business Funding, is a unique, out of the box funding option which enables you to access affordable capital to use as you see fit. Startups often are subjected to High Rates, as they are higher risk being less than 2 years in business. Often times, dilution of equity is required in order to obtain capital to get started or simply to have working capital. Those equity investors in most cases, never go away as they own a portion of your company in exchange for their capital investment. See what makes Simplified Capital’s Unsecured Business Funding programs the better choice.

Unsecured Business Funding (UBF) is our most popular solution for Affordable Unsecured Capital for Start-up Business Owners or Established Business professionals.

Unsecured Business Funding is pretty much like Working Capital, only compared to the traditional working capital loans dominating the marketplace today, ours provides Introductory Terms as low as 0% on Revolving Lines of Credit (credit cards) with Traditional Monthly scheduled payments (not daily or weekly/bi weekly like most of those advertising “working capital loans”).

How do we accomplish 0% and how do they make their money if rates are at 0%? Glad you asked. 0% money is promoted by several banks across the US. It is their way of attracting the better credit borrowers to their banks in order to establish working relationships with the types of credit borrowers they seek. So in short, they will offer 0% on revolving lines of credit for terms up to 18 months (in some cases, even as much as 24 months). The way this is accomplished is via a personal or a business credit card. You receive the convenience of using their money for longer periods of time while enjoying the lowest cost of capital available in the industry. No one offers rate lower than 0%…Right?

How do they make their money? Each time a consumer or a business card is used, the merchant or service provider (and in some cases now, the customer themselves at the point of sale) are required to pay a 3% or higher Visa/MasterCard processing fee. So, each time a credit card is used to pay for products and services, the bank and the credit card companies are enjoying a fee while you enjoy their 0% promotional cost of capital. Not a bad deal for everyone involved. The merchant gets your business, the bank gets your business and a small fee and you get to enjoy all the benefits.

How much capital can I expect to get for my business? This answer of course will vary, depending on the borrowers’ credit (or, if provided, their friends, family, business partners may also apply and use their new cards towards this business. And by the way, these additional borrowers do not need to be owners in the company seeking this capital. Pretty Cool Right?). However, if the business is relatively new (less than 2 years old), then it is unlikely that there will be business credit cards available just yet. Most banks are seeking the more established business for a business credit card. However, on the personal side, a solid credit borrower can expect somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 in 0% interest credit cards (we will likely be accessing multiple cards for you and if possible, your business). Should the business be established and have sufficient cash flow, that business could couple an additional $50,000+ (maybe even upwards of $100,000+) in 0% credit cards. So should the borrower seek to combine both personal and business together, as you can see, the amount accomplished could amount to Substantial, Affordable Startup Capital or Working Capital!

What can I use this capital for? Virtually anything, where credit cards are accepted. And in the event that you do not have a merchant or service provider who can accept credit cards, we do offer an additional option designed to assist you with converting these new credit cards into cash, which you may use however you see fit. PLUS…you get to enjoy that same 0% introductory terms of up to 18 months.

What could better? Glad you asked. You see, with this unsecured business funding program, we only review your needs via Unsecured Signature style lending on a couple or up to several credit cards. We do not require long business plans, projections/spreadsheets nor seek to tie up your home equity, business equity, business or personal assets, receivables or require blanket liens. Bank loan products or lines of credit generally require these types of pitfalls. So, in putting this instrument in place, all these items that your traditional bank line would generally require you tie up with them in order to receive a loan/line of credit, we leave unencumbered. This way, you may use your additional strengths later, whenever you may need these assets for use in the future, as the business continues to grow.

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