Contract Financing

  • Commercial Construction Financing for Contractors

  • Covers Important Jobsite Expenses such as:

    Payroll | Purchase Orders |Premiums | Insurance | Permits | SuppliesVendors 


Commercial Construction

  • Up to 20% of your total contract value can be viewed for a loan
  • Money becomes available at the beginning of the project, before the first invoice 60-150 days to repay
  • Capital can be used for most any project related items like labor, materials, equipment rental, bonding, etc… 


Purchase Order Financing

  • Up to 70% of the purchase order can qualify for a loan.
  • Typically, the money is available before work starts or invoices are submitted
  • Repayment is generally 30-120 days
  • Can use the capital for most any purchase order related items 


Introduce Your Subcontractors To Us. We Can Help.

  • When you arrange for your subcontractor(s) to partner with us, we work with them and
    communicate with you in order to reach the same project goal. 


Have an Opportunity You Would Like to Review With Us?

  • Simply email us or dial us up (Toll Free: 1-866-810-1305). We will arrange scheduling a call with one of our project managers to review and discuss funding options to help you retain more projects and grow your business.
Simplified Capital Business Funding