Real Estate Financing

Commercial Real Estate Investments – Owner Occupied as well as Rental Properties.
Residential Income Property (can include homes used for rental income and Airbnb)

There is a lot to consider when seeking to finance a commercial real estate property or a home to use for additional income (rental, vacation rental / Airbnb). Yes, your local bank may very well be able to assist you with this type of an investment, however…

What happens when your local bank 

  • Cannot approve you do to credit issues
  • Cannot approve you do to income requirements
  • Cannot approve you do to not enough down payment
  • Cannot approve your industry or use of the property, such as Cannabis/Hemp, Gas Stations, Churches, Senior Care Facilities, Gentlemen’s Clubs, Property Code Violations.
  • Cannot approve you do to too many investments happening in your world
  • Cannot approve you do to your time in business or time on the job
  • Cannot approved the property improvements needed
  • Cannot approve you fast enough to secure the sale


Do you need assistance with a special structure such as:

  • Forbearance agreements, notice of defaults, foreclosure bailouts
  • Multi-state cross-collateralization / blanket loans / portfolio loans
  • Cash-out refinances of any kind
  • Residential, commercial or mixed-use
  • Probates / Inherited properties
  • Cash-out refinance of primary residence for business purpose
  • Land, residential or commercial infill lots
  • Foreign investors (no credit nor income requirements)
  • Trusts, self-directed IRAs
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Non-conforming properties or Non-warrantable condos

These struggles do exist, more than one might think too… And we are here to help.

At Simplified Capital, we offer both institutional capital as well as private capital to help make the most out of commercial real estate or income property investing. Our multiple investment partners help fund your investments rather than excuses why you cannot be approved. That tends to make us a better fit (in many cases) than the local bank.

Our experience can also be helpful in taking the sting out while helping you put all the pieces of the puzzle of investing/buying commercial real estate a reality.

We have helped many. We could be the answer you have been seeking. No High Pressure. Simply reach out and see how we may be able to help you avoid additional frustrations and just get on to the business of doing business.

Get started today and our team will help walk you through the process, every step of the way, helping to ensure you cover every base and do things right.


Have a Need for Real Estate Investment Financing You Would Like Discuss?

  • Simply email us or dial us up (Toll Free: 1-866-810-1305). We will arrange scheduling a call with one of our project managers to review and discuss real estate financing option to that is right for you.
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