Personality type can play a big part in how you run your business.

For the most part, people think of extroverts as being outgoing and expressive. Introverts, on the other hand, are usually characterized by being deep-thinkers, maybe a little shy.

When it comes to business, extroverts are the people who are more gung-ho. Everyone they meet is a potential client, and they seem to have no problems speaking up or going after what they want. Extroverts are friendly and talkative. They like to work with others and build up their company organization. They are also great in the marketing and sales departments, never afraid to do the talking.

Introverts are the solo type. They like to work alone, and many avoid entering discussions. Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are all considered introverts? And all 3 are among the most successful entrepreneurs today.

While it may be easy to assume that extroverts make better entrepreneurs than introverted folks; that may not necessarily be true. In fact, introverts exhibit many traits that may actually make them better entrepreneurs.

They listen well. While introverts don’t do much talking, they make very good listeners. Most prefer to observe before adding in anything, and are great at actively listening and taking in all the information before speaking.

They look at the whole picture. Because introverts listen well, they are able to take in large amounts of information, and process it before jumping to speak or act.

They value their relationships. Introverts are never going to be the most outgoing person in the bunch. Since they don’t become buddies with everyone they meet, they tend to really appreciate the relationships they do have. In their businesses, introverts take the time to build great relationships with their customers and clients, and value those relationships.

They show empathy. Related to being great listeners, introverts are just more sensitive. They have the ability to empathize, and see where the other person is coming from. Because of this trait, introverts make excellent bosses.

They don’t need validation from others. Extroverts like surround themselves with people, and they also tend to look for outside approval. Introverts, on the other hand, don’t seek outside rewards to keep them motivated and focused.

They still have the drive. Don’t mistake quiet for not having any ambition. Introverts can be just as ambitious and just as driven as any extrovert, even if they don’t display it outwardly. Introverts just prefer to recharge and work alone, which means they can be great in a time-crunch.

While your typical introvert is much less likely to start a PR business, or work in sales, it doesn’t mean they are any less successful than someone who is an extrovert. In fact, they tend to thrive in other areas. With the right type of business that fits their personality, both extroverts and introverts can make great entrepreneurs.