There’s customer service, and then there’s great customer service.

Not every business offers the latter.

Fortunately, there are some companies out there who go above and beyond when it comes to their customers. From taking the time to help and inform customers to making sure any complaints are addressed right away, here are 10 companies that exhibit great customer service.

#1 Trader Joe’s

This specialty grocery store won’t carry as many products as larger chain grocery stores, but they get high points for their outstanding customer service. Each Trader Joe’s does take the time to stock their shelves with products requested by their local community. They have also been proactive on the food allergy front, using labels on their products long before they were required.

#2 Samsung

The electronic giant was once known to have horrible customer service. Since then, they have done some serious reputation rehabilitation. They launched a free app that provides support, troubleshooting guides for their products and how-to videos that can immediately provide their customers with assistance.

#3 State Farm

Like a good neighbor … Yes, State Farm is there. And according to surveys of insurance companies done by the Temkin Group, State Farm has ranked high for customer service. What makes them so outstanding? Consumers note State Farm’s accessibility, their ability to solve problems and their emotional connection with their customers as reasons they like the insurance company.

#4 Google

The search engine giant has a history of focusing on their users and doing what it takes to please them, sometimes going to extreme measures. For example, the time they couldn’t decide between two shades of blue for their toolbar. What did Google do? They tested 41 different shades of blue to see which performed the best.

#5 FedEx

FedEx holds a long-standing reputation of being a delivery company that not only delivers on-time, but does so without damage to the parcels. This is especially important since FedEx ships anything from presents to food and live animals.

#6 United Parcel Service

Another parcel delivery service that earns good marks with customers. UPS has a history of delivering on-time and without hassle. They also have been known to assist customers through social media, addressing concerns and remedying them. Are you listening USPS?

#7 Hilton Hotels

The hotel corporation takes customer service to new levels. They have launched internal programs that are set up solely for gathering customer feedback on their new technology. Also Doubletree, a franchise owned by Hilton, maintains a committee within each hotel that monitors the performance of each location as well as guest satisfaction.


The online retailer has been a leader in e-commerce for years. Amazon stands by its policies that center on customer happiness like automatic refunds, free shipping on certain orders and price guarantees.

#9 General Electric

This major appliance company takes the time to connect with customers via their blog. They also institute programs designed to assist internal customers in cutting costs, streamlining their processes and increasing profits.

#10 Southwest Airlines

It is Southwest Airlines passion for good customer service that has set them apart from other airlines. They follow a very simple rule, that happy employees equal happy customers. By keeping those within their company happy, they know their employees are extending that happiness to their customers.

Almost every company out there has some sort of customer service. But that doesn’t always equal happy customers. These 10 companies have been exhibiting great customer service for years, taking care of their customers before anything else, and the consumer satisfaction and return rate reflect it.