Some people just have it;  an innate ability to start a business, run it with authority, and succeed.

But what makes these people more prone to success than others? A lot of it has to do with personality. Here are 8 personality traits that all successful entrepreneurs have in common.

Determined. In order to succeed, you need to have a certain level of determination. Marketing your business, getting sales, even hiring your employees, need to have micro-goals that need to be carried out with precision and the determination to get things done right.

Fearless. Successful entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to take risks. They know there are risks with any major business decision, but the reward that can come from them can be huge. This is not to say they are reckless. No, they take time to value the pros and cons of each decision, especially those with high risks. But the bottom line is they are not afraid of taking such risks for their business.

Confident. Entrepreneurs have confidence in their decisions, especially the ones that involve risks. Since they take the time to consider all factors before making a big decision, they don’t sit around second guessing them once they are made. Entrepreneurs also need confidence in themselves; when pitching investors, facing completion and proving their naysayers wrong.

Inquisitive. Success isn’t a finite thing, and smart entrepreneurs know it. Because of this, they are constantly learning new things. Having an urge to learn keeps these people on top of everything in their industry; from new strategies, to what their competitors are up to.

Observant. Successful entrepreneurs tend to see opportunity where others might not. They are always looking out for the newest thing, or a way to improve something that already exists. In fact, this is how many business ideas are born. Business leaders see a need for something, and rather than just thinking about it, they take action.

Humble. The road to success isn’t always paved with, well, success. There are sometimes failures along the way, and successful business owners are humble enough to know this. They also know that failure is just part of being an entrepreneur, and that a fail is never the end of anything. In fact, many successful ventures are born out of the results of a failure.

Adaptable. When failure happens, you must adapt. Entrepreneurs are highly adaptable by nature; they can take a situation and go with it, turning something negative into something positive.

Resilient. Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Successful entrepreneurs never give up. Through the failures and rejections, they press on and keep going.

Success is never an overnight thing. Entrepreneurs that have achieved massive success all took time to get where they are. They also all have certain personality traits that have helped them get there. From the confidence in their ideas and decisions, to the resilience the needed to keep going, these are some of the best personality traits for being a successful entrepreneur.